Marangu route 6 days 5 nights

Day 1 We will drive you to Marangu Gate in the early morning and introduce you to your guides, the cook and the porters. After crossing a small river the tropical rain forest is welcoming you in all its beauty! After six km through the rainforest you reach a small wooden bridge. From there it’s still two hours to go. There’s time for stunning and taking photos. Leaving the tropical forest more and more giant trees are covered with mosses and lichen – we’ve entered the moorland and heather-zone. When you can see larger spots of green grassland between the trees you will know that Mandara-Hut is not too far. Another one and a half hour wolk and we’ll be there. Dinner will be ready and served on the spot. We will have walked for about 4 hours and up to 2700m that day. 

Day 2 After breakfast our trail leads along the Maundi-Crater, an extinct side crater of Kili. If you’d like to climb it, go ahead. It just takes thirty minutes. We proceed to Ona-Hill, also known as ‘Check Point’. From Masheo point, the peak of Ona Hill, we’ll descend and ascend again to Kambi-ya-Taabu. You have made the steepest part of the day. We walk on through erikazea-heather and somehow swampy aereas to Horombo Hut. On our way we pass by the Zebra Rocks, 20m-high stony walls in black and white and a beautiful view. Enjoy the hot meal the chef prepared for you! We will have walked for about 6 hours and up to 3720m that day.

 Day 3 It’s mainly a day for acclimatization. After breakfast you have the option to visit Zebra Rock or Saddle View. The walk to the Saddle is quite steep and takes about three and a half hours, the Zebra Rocks are not as far. You’ll be back for a hot lunch to Horombo Hut Take the rest of the day to rest and listen to the stories of people returning from the Summit:) We will have walked for about 4 hours and up to 3720m that day.

 Day 4 Having trekked Maua moorland you can see senecio cottonii and lobelias. From Horombo-Hut we follow the trail through eroded land up to the Saddle, a stony desert on rocky ground. Walking towards the Saddle is one of the highlights of Marangu Trail. The Kibo, our goal, is direct in front of us. We will have a delicious dinner and try to rest as much as possible in the evening because we will get up in a few hours already. We will have climbed for 5-6 hours and up to 4700m that day. we rest ready for Summit

Day 5 We will rise at midnight and after a light breakfast we are ready to go. This day’s climb will be quite difficult. At this height very few of us will not be suffering from altitude sickness in some form or another. We reach Gilman’s Point and have a look down the crater from there. Next we pass the Hans Meyer Cave. Along the crater it’s another two hours walk to the summit – you are very close to your goal and about to make an experience that will be with you for the rest of your life. after reaching Uhuru Peak, at 5895m. enjoy and take some photos before starting the decent to Horombo Hut. We will have trekked a total of 12-13 hours and be back at 3720m at the end of the day. 

Day 6 The trail down through the rainforest seems familiar because we came up that way. We’ll have our last farewell-lunch together on the mountain before coming back to the gate. There you will be rewarded with a certificate attesting your success at climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

There will be our car waiting for you and we’ll bring you back to the comforts of your hotel in Arusha

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